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Lights Has Started Work On Volume Two Of Her Skin & Earth Comic Book Series

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 5 November 2019 at 13.11

Volume Two!

Start catching up on the story, because Lights has officially started work on the follow-up to her Skin & Earth comic book series.

Volume One of Skin & Earth was released in 2017, and it's played a massive part in thrusting Lights to global fame. The Skin & Earth comic books are part of the universe she created, which included two albums (one acoustic one), a series of videos and even more. Lights truly created a whole world around her work. 

This follows the recent news as well that Skin & Earth has been picked up for a television series, and they announced their head writers in July!

Inside Lights' Rock Sound cover feature earlier this year, she revealed that she writes a little bit of herself into each of the characters in the 'Skin & Earth' universe. 

“Everyone says that your first fictional character is just you, or how you see yourself, and I was aware of that going into it,” Lights shared. “Self-deprecation and a bad sense of humour, insecurity... those were the things that I wanted to write into En, the main character, because that’s what I identify with. I can’t identify with a perfect person. I wanted to write this dorky, insecure girl who’s trying to find her strength, her confidence, and what she’s meant to do. But then I actually ended up writing myself into all the main characters: En, Tsu and Priest. I took reference photos of myself as all of them too, when Beau wasn’t around!”

She then revealed which traits in each character that she associated with herself, sharing “En is sort of how I feel I really am, and I think people can get to know me a little bit by her reactions to things, even though she’s totally a fictional character. The Tsu character is more like I wish I was like, beautiful and confident and badass, and she doesn’t give a fuck. There’s a part of me that feels like that sometimes, so when I was writing her I’d literally sit differently, get into the mode of that character and how it feels. Priest is the part of me that maybe I don’t trust, the part that makes bad choices, and maybe isn’t a good person sometimes. It was very revealing about how I feel, how I wish I was, and how I’m not.”

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