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Lights Reveals Future ‘Skin & Earth’ Plans: “There’s A Lot More To Come…”

James Wilson-Taylor
James Wilson-Taylor 25 June 2018 at 12.20

Fans wanting more from the ambitious comic and music project are in luck.

Lights has told Rock Sound about her future plans for her ambitious 'Skin & Earth' project.

Having already created an intertwining album and comic book universe, Lights revealed on this week's Rock Sound Podcast that she has some more big ideas she's currently preparing to unveil:

"I think I accidentally opened the floodgates and now I have so many ideas and there's unlimited places I can go. There's a lot more to come with this project and I can't announce anything yet but there will be more. In particular, a lot of people have been asking about a 'Skin & Earth' acoustic album because for my past records I've put out an acoustic counterpart to each one. And it shows a more intimate side to the music. So, how do we integrate that into this whole world? Well...I have a really cool thing coming that I'm really excited about that I'm still working on, that's gonna take some time. But there will be something acoustic that integrates itself in the world and I'm really excited to share it."

Sounds pretty exciting!

You can hear our full interview with Lights on this week's Rock Sound Podcast, available now on SoundCloud, iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts:


Plus. Lights is one of our cover stars for this month's Rock Sound 50 issue, available now at

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