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Knuckle Puck On Re-Recording Parts Of New Album ‘Shapeshifter’: “There Was A Lot Of Stuff Missing”

Will Cross
Will Cross 13 August 2017 at 20.00

Kevin Maida joined the Rock Sound Podcast to talk all things 'Shapeshifter'.

Knuckle Puck guitarist Kevin Maida joined us on the Rock Sound Podcast to reveal the secrets of new album 'Shapeshifter', including the fact that they re-recorded much of the album.

"We didn't scrap it entirely from the first time round - we had a lot of stuff done but there was a lot of stuff missing.

"None of us were really like psyched on it. Usually when you go in to record, it's one of my favourite parts of being in this band - when you record it's the real deal and you just get this feeling, man. But for some reason it just wasn't there this time - the first time around.

"It was an odd feeling because the songs were really good but it just didn't measure up for some reason, none of us were psyched. So we thought about it for two months and then re-did them - we both changed and kept a lot, and now we're psyched on them! It's been a rollercoaster of emotion and kind of crazy.

"When we were talking about it the first time we were like, 'Why would we put this record out that we're not psyched on - have to play these songs for two years and have to promote it?' It just doesn't make sense to do that."

To listen to the full interview you can subscribe to the Rock Sound Podcast on iTunes or listen on Soundcloud below, including loads more on the new album with in-depth chat on as-yet-unreleased songs that you'll find nowhere else. If you're a Knuckle Puck fan, this is an essential listen...


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