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Kill Hannah Frontman Leaves Broadway After ‘Incredible Experience’

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 9 May 2011 at 11.02

Mat Devine steps away from the Spider-Man musical to begin work on new Kill Hannah album.

This week singer Mat Devine left the Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark to start writing a new album with his band Kill Hannah. He dropped us a note to let us know, we sent him one back with some kind words and a few questions...before we knew it we'd done an interview on the subject! Read an update from the man below and follow @matdevineslife for more KH related goodness in the days/weeks/months to come.

So, Spider-Man is still in production yet you are leaving the cast to work on a new Kill Hannah album? Has your role in the musical been affected by all the changes behind the scenes?
"I worked for eight months on the show...over 140 performances, it was a real incredible experience. Now they've brought in a new director, a new writer, and a new choreographer to reconstruct the entire show. I won't be on stage for this new version, but I'll be in the front row, cheering and drinking a lot of wine."

Looking back on your time on Broadway in one of the most highly talked about openings in recent history what are your thoughts on the time spent? Any regrets?
"No regrets. Truly. It was an education for me. I've made some lifelong friends, honed new skills and I've gotten to fall in love with NYC. Oh-- and I can now sing without losing my voice. Sort of."

In a perfect world would you have done more performing during the eight months? Do you think you would be open to other offers of a similar nature in future?
"We performed eight shows a week, to a packed theatre, for five months, so there was no lack of stage time. I wish we could have snuck in a Kill Hannah date here and there, but it became logistically impossible. I would definitely be open to other opportunities to act, coincidentally I just got a call about a Broadway version of American Psycho today. I've had that ENTIRE book memorized for a decade, and it WOULD be fun to slick back my hair, but I think it's time to switch gears."

Do you think there was a difference between the critics and the audience response...what was the view performer side of things?
It's funny, all I saw was a sold out standing ovation every night - I had no idea that the world outside of the theatre were predicting we would fail. I am very proud of the show and the cast, it's unfair for the press to have attacked us so savagely. Ultimately, its a good thing, hundreds of plays every year get great accolades, yet very very few are widely known and discussed outside of New York. Spider-Man is a publicity monster, and I'd rather be a part of something like that. Especially when I know that it's going to soar in the end."

What are Kill Hannah's plans for the next few months then, talk us through what happens next for you?
"Right now we are writing new songs. We have various conference calls each day and a strategy is taking shape. We have a new management team and are shooting for a release in spring of 2012 with a run of festivals and a full-scale international tour. Unlike the last album, this one will be released simultaneously worldwide, and will have the full year of dates booked in advance. Everyone involved agrees that this must be written as the album of our career or else there's no point. The tone could be ultra heavy or ultra delicate, just as long as the songs give us chills and catch your speakers on fire."

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