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Kill Hannah Frontman Heading For Broadway

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 1 September 2010 at 14.32

Mat Devine has a part in Spiderman Turn Off the Dark a new Broadway production with original music by Bono and The Edge!

Kill Hannah's tour diary is looking a little light at the moment because frontman Mat Devine has only gone and landed himself a role in the forthcoming Spiderman musical debuting on Broadway later this year. Bonkers right?

"It happened in a somewhat random way," the singer admitted to Rock Sound recently. "A producer for the show happened to see a Kill Hannah CD on my lawyer's desk, and asked me to audition.

I heard about the play a while ago - I knew U2 was involved and that it was poised to be a massive deal, but when I actually read the script I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. I either laughed or cried on almost every page, like a complete raving psycho."

Obviously Rock Sound wanted to know what part he is playing, if he is singing, how much he is earning and when we can get free tickets to come along and watch, unfortunately it's all a bit need-to-know at the moment.

"I can't reveal too much at this time," he continued. "But I can tell you that every component of this play, from the talent of the creative team, to the story, to the music, to the insane production is state of the art. No matter what age you are, it will be impossible to leave the show without your jaw scraping on the floor. If the UK fans are looking for a good excuse to visit NYC, this is it."

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