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Kid Bookie Has Announced The Details Of His Debut Album ‘Cheaper Than Therapy’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 30 July 2021 at 12.05

Check out his new dark ballad 'In The Dark' right now too.

Kid Bookie has announced his debut album. 

It's called 'Cheaper Than Therapy' and will be dropping on November 26. 

He had this to say about what the record is to him:

"[This is] a showcase of eclecticism, influence and identity. To be more than the print of a rapper, to express my introspections, my vulnerability, my voice. To challenge who I am more than who I was, unlearning fear and going against the traditional mould.”

The artwork looks like this:

And the tracklisting like this:

1. Chad NoBack's Office
2. Intro (I Think I Found A Way) (Feat. Ziey Kizzy)
3. Fur Minxxx
4. Kid Bookie - LIQUOR SEX WEED
5. In My Soul (Feat. Tech N9ne)
6. Could've Died Tonight
7. U R MY SUICIDE (feat. Ziey Kizzy)
8. Really Really Like You
9. PRETTY (Feat. Goat Society)
10. In The Dark (Feat. Òlah Bliss)
11. Who Are You? (Interlude)
12. Stuck In My Ways (Feat. Corey Taylor)
13. On My Rock (Alien)
14. Kid Bookie - Lil Nas X
15. Freedom (Feat. Òlah Bliss & Sid Wilson of Slipknot)
16. Like I
17. Say It With Your Chest (feat. Kamiyada)
18. Kid Bookie - As Long As My Heart Bleeds
19. Chad NoBack's Outro
20. I want to be your friend 

You can hear a new track from the record right now as well, the dark balladry of 'In The Dark', the toys with different textures and intensities to create a potent piece of alternative storytelling.

Bookie had this to say about what the tune represents:

“In The Dark is a record about the contrasting effects of the cliche, ‘being what society wants you to be’ whilst also displaying your primal instincts of who you truly are away from the stigma, perception, stereotypes, you  subconsciously place upon yourself. The video tries to translate that in a way where the mysterious woman uses her make up as the muse for who she truly is, unconventional and twisted, we follow a woman bent on seduction to murder, gaining heavy elation during and after, almost sexually gratifying herself”.

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