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Jxdn On Working With Travis Barker: “It’s Honestly Such A Blessing”

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 11 January 2021 at 14.08

"He’s also just so good with patience and being my friend."

A lot of what makes Jxdn the artist that he is is down to the guidance and support of Travis Barker

Jxdn is the first artist that Travis has signed properly to his new label which is releasing his debut album 'Tell Me About Tomorrow'.

We chatted to Jxdn via the medium of Video Call, where we opened by talking about his relationship with Travis and what effect having him on his side has:

"The thing with Travis is that, and I think it weirds people out, but he just never misses. It’s because he’s very selective with what he puts his hand in to. He doesn’t like to make flippant decisions. He likes to think out and process everything in his head like, ‘Is this going to fit? Not only is this going to fit for me but is it going to fit for the people surrounding me?'

"Having him in the studio is kind of like having a cheat code to really getting whatever you want out. Now from being around that quite a bit, I’m starting to pick that up and starting to apply those attributes to my life. It’s honestly such a blessing. Why learn how to be fast from someone who isn’t fast when you can learn from Usain Bolt? He’s also just so good with patience and being my friend."

That's really sweet, isn't it?

You can watch the full interview below:

And here's 'Better Off Dead' which is set to appear on 'Tell Me About Tomorrow':


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