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Joyce Manor Have Announced The Surprise Release Of A Rarities Album

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 27 May 2020 at 16.10

Time to go waaaaay back to the beginning.

Surprise! Joyce Manor have announced a new album that is coming out this Friday!

'Songs From Northern Torrance' features ten tracks that were originally recorded between 2008-2010 and only previously existed on rare CDs and at live shows. All the tunes have been full remastered and will be available to stream from May 29. 

The album will also be released on vinyl on September 18.

You can listen to the first jam, 'House Warning Party' below. Vocalist Barry Johnson had this to say about the song:

“A lot of early Joyce Manor songs are actually leftovers from earlier bands, but ‘House Warning Party‘ was the first song I wrote specifically for Joyce Manor.

"I was working at the Long Beach Aquarium and the first line of the song came to me while I was perusing the vending machine on my break. They had some LifeSavers and on the packaging it said ‘five flavors’ and the opening line of the song just popped in my head. The rest of the lyrics came effortlessly and the song was fully written in about the time it takes to listen to.

"Listening to it ten years later it sounds young and inspired and I’m impressed at how much of a story I was able to tell in just over a minute.”

The full tracklisting looks like this:

01. House Warning Party 
02. Fuck Koalacaust 
03. DFHP?
04. Danke Schoen 
05. Who Gave You A Baby 
06. Constant Nothing 
07. Done Right Discount Flooring 
08. 5 Beer Plan 
09. Chumped 
10. Leather Jacket

And the artwork like this:

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