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Josh Franceschi On ‘Night People’: “I Don’t Think We Managed To Deliver What We Wanted To”

Will Cross
Will Cross 20 August 2017 at 11.59

The You Me At Six frontman caught up with the Rock Sound Podcast to deliver some home truths about the band's difficult year.

You Me At Six frontman Josh Franceschi joined us on the Rock Sound Podcast to reveal all about the difficult year the band has had since the release of new album 'Night People' in January.

And Josh wasn't holding anything back...

"I think with Night People we focused so much on trying to make a body of work and trying to get them to work together that we might have overlooked if they were standout songs on their own.

"Like, if you chuck all these songs into a set with all of our other songs that are popular within our fanbase - are these songs gonna beat them or replace them? A few of them have, but a lot of them haven’t really. 

"When I look back I think that’s my main reservation - or what we didn't do very well - with 'Night People'.

"I think there’s nothing wrong with making mistakes as long as you’re willing to protect your ego and learn from them, but I think that the one thing we did on 'Night People' is we just sort of sent ourselves down our own path and we didn’t really think about other factors that would be important.

"It was just all a bit too much this time around and I don’t think we managed to deliver what we wanted to."

And what did all of this mean for the band?

"There’s been a lot of stuff that's been going on behind the scenes.

"I think it took its toll on us as young men. It’s quite straining running a multi-million pound business, and people are trying to ruin it whilst you’re trying to be creative, put on great shows and tour the world - it’s a very difficult thing.

"But, actually, I think it’s our fans that have kinda motivated our desire to not just pack it all in, because we’ve definitely had those sort of conversations over the past few months where we’ve just thought, ‘Ah fuck it, this is getting too much, let’s just walk away from it’.  Then something incredible will happen and you’ll go and play a show, and you realise what you'd miss out on." 

And with the band already working on new music, those realisations are having a direct effect...

"I think because we wrote so much for 'Night People' and we’re writing so much at the moment, we’re not really thinking about a necessary sound. We’re just thinking about each song on its own island trying to sound good.

"We’re trying to take all of the elements that we believe are important to us as a band and also what we believe people like about our band and trying to do that, and produce that without necessarily compromising our agenda.

And when might we hear new music?

"In an ideal world, because we’re not actually touring much between now and the end of the year, we’re all pretty confident that we could spend the remainder of the year making this record and have it ready Spring / Summer of next year."

To listen to the full interview with Josh, including more revelations on the band's difficult year and forthcoming new music, you can subscribe to the Rock Sound Podcast on iTunes or you can listen on Soundcloud below...

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