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Jonah Matranga Sues J-Lo Update

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 22 April 2010 at 20.53

The legal case gathers pace as Matranga prepares his case against J-Lo.

A while back Rock Sound reported that Jonah Matranga was thinking about launching a legal case against J-Lo for use of the Heart / Question Mark logo that adorns many of his albums and merchandise items.

Well, update time, Matranga is going ahead with it!

"The J-Lo silliness is moving along," he told Rock Sound recently. "Chris from Far has actually become a lawyer, so he's really helping me through the maze. We gathered a bunch of stuff from people to show that I've been using the image for years in relation to the music. So many people have sent in the coolest pictures of tattoos, artwork, cookies, so much stuff. It's amazing to see that the image has meant so much to them.

I'm going to be making some homemade stuff and selling it on the site to help raise money for the legal costs, using everything that's been sent in. I'm not looking to make some big stupid lawsuit, but I'd rather she didn't use this image that has been a big part of my artistic life. And if she does, she should pay for the privilege (laughs). Really, if any money ever came of it, I'd definitely give everyone that has helped out a piece, so we could share in the strangeness. It'd be the weirdest class-action lawsuit ever (laughs)."

More as we get it, Matranga tours the UK in June.

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