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Jimmy Eat World Post Clarity Track By Track

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 30 April 2009 at 13.51

The band thank fans for supporting the Clarity x 10 tour with new insights into the 1999 album 'Clarity'.

Jimmy Eat World have given fans a thank you in the aftermath of the Clarity x 10 tour where the band played their 1999 album in full to celebrate the ten year anniversary of its release.

Vocalist Jim Adkins and drummer Zach Lind have written an extensive set of track by track notes for the 'Clarity' album and posted them online here for fans to read. The article contains information like the below:

''We had a decent recording budget available,'' Adkins notes in the feature. ''It wasn’t a ton of money. Just enough to do what we wanted if we prioritized where we spent. Our manager was gracious enough to let us all stay at a house he used as offices. He managed Ice-T. We slept on the floor with Trespass, Surviving the Game and New Jack Huslter posters above our sleeping bag spots. I never had a second thought about sleeping on the floor for over a month. It didn’t matter because we were making a record. We sunk our money into whatever we thought could provide an opportunity for creativity. Mainly, studio time and instrument rentals.''

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