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Jarrod Alonge Is Beating The Dead Horse Some More

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 31 October 2015 at 10.36

He's back!

Remember that time Jarrod Alonge released a parody album?

Well, he's back for more tongue-in-cheek fun with 'Beating A Dead Horse: Deluxe Ultra-Limited Exclusive Undead Edition'.

The special edition will be released on December 04 and feature parodies of Bring Me The HorizonAttila and The Story So Far.

Check out the extra tracklisting and a trailer for the abum below.

16. 'Pray for Progress' by Vermicide Violence
17. 'Brevé Canzoné' by Canadian Softball
18. 'Waifu (feat. Drewsif Stalin)' by Rectangles
19. 'First World Tragedy' by Sunrise Skater Kids
20. '2 Warped 4 da Remix' by $wagCh0de
21. 'Suck My 401k (feat. Chris Linck)' by Amidst The Grave's Demons

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