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Jamie Campbell Bower Listened To “Heavy Dark Metal” Whilst Preparing For His Role In Stranger Things

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 30 June 2022 at 17.00

"I just tried to absorb as much of that feeling and art as possible in order to tap into this grounded dark reality"

SPOILER WARNING: If you are not caught up with Stranger Things 4 Vol. 01, then you may want to avoid this one.

Ahead of the release of Vol.02 of Stranger Things 4, we caught up with star of the show Jamie Campbell Bower to talk about his role as Vecna, the show's current horrifying antagonist. 

And for such a diabolical character, he used music to get himself in the zone. 

A lot of VERY heavy music:

"As I was preparing for Stranger Things, I would listen to a lot of sunn o))). There’s something about those low-frequency sounds and that art in general that grounds me and connects me to his depth in the world that I needed for Vecna.

I was listening to a lot of Revenge. Revenge is heavy, really sketchy stuff. There was black metal like Carpathian Forest and then Norma Jean were in the mix for a minute. It was predominantly heavy dark metal.

Black metal really excites me from an artistic perspective because black metal artists, they live it. I love that when it comes to art, when it’s really pure and really true and you feel that when you’re listening to it.

I just tried to absorb as much of that feeling and art as possible in order to tap into this grounded dark reality."

And alongside the importance of music in preparing for his role, he also understands how important music is to the show as a whole. 

"Some actors will have music playing on the set. They will have music coming from a speaker. That’s really cool and really fun for all of us to be able to tap into something.

Even in Vecna, I would walk onto set wearing headphones. I would just be blasting it or sat in a dark room listening to this stuff.

Music is our safe space. It’s the space we go to feel ay peace and to feel connected. It can be a mood elevator or it can tap into whatever you are feeling at the time. I love that in the show, the sort of metaphor for that. Particularly with Sadie [Sink] and her character Max. She is in this moment of great terror and real hurt and sadness and darkness. And music is her comfort blanket in that sense. That’s just a real joy."

You can check out the full chat with Jamie below:

Vol. 02 of Season Four of Stranger Things drops on Netfix tomorrow (July 01).

You can check out the trailer below:

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