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It Looks Like A YUNGBLUD/Bring Me The Horizon Collaboration Is Coming

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 4 August 2020 at 16.24

Bring Me appear to be working on multiple EPs as well. 

The other day YUNGBLUD tweeted simply saying 'yo @olobersyko @JordanFish86 ... check ur inbox'

Well, it looks as though something is definitely coming. 

In an interview with Jack Saunders for the MTV Rocks Chart, Bring Me The Horizon revealed that there may be a collaboration between the two. 

When probed about the tweet, vocalist Oli Sykes said: 

"Yeah we’ve been scheming, we’ve got something coming"

And when probed about where the song would fit, keyboardist Jordan Fish had this to say:

"Cause we’re gonna have like probably four different kinda EPs with different vibes it gives us a bit more of an opportunity to almost… like whereas on ‘amp’ we had three guests there from completely different world, I think we might kinda like theme our guests a bit more around what’s going on with each EP.

"This one is people who are a bit more angry and I guess rocky.

"When we get into the other EPs, it’ll give us a chance to maybe get some other people on who are a bit more lift field or a bit more out of the box for our band."

So that's four different EP coming from Bring Me as we move forwards, and one of them featuring a track with YUNGBLUD.

Got it? Sounds good doesn't it?

Bring Me recently released the brilliant 'Parasite Eve', which you can catch up with below:

And YUNGBLUD released 'Strawberry Lipstick':

You can pick up Bring Me's latest album 'amo' on lovely vinyl from our mates at EMP from right HERE


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