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In The City Preview: Tuesday October 20

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 16 October 2009 at 16.28

Rock Sound ends In The City on a high with The Tides, Swound!, Deaf Havana, Flood Of Red and Twin Atlantic.

Rock Sound is proud to be hosting an In The City showcase at the International Music Conference this year.

We will be taking over the second room of Moho Live from October 18-20 for three nights of the finest, loudest, newest music out there.

Today we are previewing the final night, Tuesday October 20, get a load of the line up with the mini interview below:

Rock Sound In The City Showcase
Tuesday 20 October

19.25 - 19.55 The Tides
What do you expect to see on the rider for the night?
"A generous amount of Magners Irish Cider and a then doctors note so we can get the next day off work!" (Ryan Comac, Bass)

20.15 - 20.45 Swound!
What do you NOT expect to see on the rider for the night?
"Booze. We’re largely boring and three of us don’t drink, which is a pain when the rider is just beer. This normally means that Rowan drinks everything by himself and blames his crap playing on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The rest of us hang around the bar all night asking for tap water. Rock and roll!" (Joe Staszkiewicz, Vocals)

21.05 - 21.35 Deaf Havana
What should punters expect to see from your set?
"All the bands that are playing the night seem quite professional, we're just five random idiots from Norfolk playing all these fancy shows and talking about each others knob sizes on stage. So expect the unexpected and a lot of sweaty man boobs!" (Ryan Mellor, Vocals)

21.55 - 22.25 Flood Of Red
What should fans do to prepare themselves for what they will see on the night?
"I think people should prepare themselves for an unreal musical experience, we've got a few extra things happening in our set that might take people by surprise. I imagine it's also going to get pretty sweaty, so bring some spare socks!" (Calum Doris, Guitar)

22.45 - 23.15 Twin Atlantic
What will the review of the show say in Rock Sound magazine when it hits stores next month?
"Twin Atlantic stunned the audience by serenading a live whale halfway through their set. The same whale later joined them onstage for a cover of the Micheal Jackson hit 'Bad' before diving into the crowd and crushing thirty people. Everyone left saying it was the greatest gig they'd ever been to." (Craig Kneale, Drums)

For more on In The City and information on how to get tickets to the showcase click on the poster below:


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