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Ice Nine Kills Have Released Another Mini-Horror Film, Announced Some Amazing Album Release Events

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 21 September 2018 at 09.55

This one's based on The Crow.

Ice Nine Kills are continuing to push the limits of what a music video can be, with the third installment in their 'The Silver Scream' album series. 

For the uninitiated, Ice Nine Kills are releasing their latest album 'The Silver Scream', an album with every single track from the album based on a different horror film. 

Speaking on the video for 'A Grave Mistake', frontman Spencer Charnas has shared “for the third instalment of 'The Silver Scream', we continue to follow the story of my therapist as his suspicions about my homicidal activity grow stronger. In this clip entitled, ‘A Grave Mistake,’ we learn more about the dark double life that I lead and in the process pay homage to the 1994 horror/action classic, The Crow.”

Check out the video for 'A Grave Mistake' below:

They've also announced a very on-brand run of shows for the release of the album, starting with a listening party at Michael Myers' house on October 01, and ending with a private party at the Scream house on October 27.

And if you've missed the story up to this point, check out the first two instalments- 'Thank God It's Friday' and 'The American Nightmare' below:

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