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Hold On - Is Cassadee Pope Teasing A Hey Monday Reunion?

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 8 October 2019 at 10.54

Signs point to us being excited.

'Hold On Tight', because it looks like Cassadee Pope might just be teasing a Hey Monday reunion.

Yesterday marked 11 years since the release of Hey Monday's debut album 'Hold On Tight' - the album that launched the pop-punk quintet into the scene and onto Pete Wentz' label Decaydance. 

In honour of 11 years of 'Hold On Tight', Cassadee Pope took to Twitter yesterday, sharing "Happy 11th Bday, to our pre-teen 'Hold On Tight'! I can’t believe all the places Hey Monday took me, literally & figuratively. I owe so much of my knowledge to this band & first album. Definitely giving it a listen today in honor."

She then ended her tweet with a cryptic "Psstt - check back next Monday. #HeyItsMonday".


Hey Monday announced their hiatus back in December 2011 - and note that it is in fact a hiatus, and Hey Monday never broke up.

Cassadee assured fans back in 2011 that the hiatus didn't mean they would "never release new music or tour ever again"... If you need reminding, read Cassadee's full statement about the hiatus below:

“Hey everyone! Cassadee here. I know since I announced my solo acoustic tour, there has been a lot of rumors and confusion swirling around. I wanted to let you all know that Hey Monday is not “broken up.” We are, however, taking a break and pursuing things on our own. In my case, that is a solo project. I hope you all understand that this does not mean we’ll never release new music or tour ever again. I just felt the need to fill you all in since I’ve gotten a good amount of questions pertaining to this. Me and the guys are still friends and always will be, and this was a decision we all agreed was for the best. I could not have imagined experiencing everything we were able to with a different group of people, our crew included! So we would really appreciate all of your support with this decision. We love you guys and we thank you for everything you’ve done for this band and each one of us individually. We have the best fans ever."

So, almost eight years on, fans are obviously pretty excited at the prospect of a reunion from Hey Monday:

Keep your eyes peeled on Monday!

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