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Hey, Everyone: The Movielife Are A Band Again!

Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 15 December 2014 at 17.13


Stop whatever you're doing because Something Really Important just happened: Vinnie Caruana and Brandon Reilly of The Movielife have given an interview that confirms THEY'RE A BAND AGAIN, and they've pencilled in their first show at New York's Irving Plaza on February 06 next year.

You can read the full Noisey interview over at this link, but here's a summary of what they have to say:

On how they got back together:
Vinnie Caruana: "Well, it was because me and Brandon spent time together. When we spend time together, sometimes The Movielife comes up and sometimes it doesn’t, but this time it did. And I think me and Brandon have reached this point in our lives where we can be at peace and be happy with playing Movielife shows and we feel right about it at the same time for the first time in a very long time. So we just poked around with the other guys to see if they felt the same way and it seems as though everybody is feeling really positive and confident and happy about us being together and playing some shows."

Brandon Reilly: "Yeah, Vinnie and I just met up at the park. We were just chatting and I realized that I missed playing shows. I haven’t played music in so long and we started reminiscing about the old days and thought it would be really fun. So we kind of sat on it for, actually not a long time, because I’ve been hanging out with Phil [Navetta, bass] a little bit as well and I ran it by him and asked if he’d want to play shows again and he said “Absolutely!” It was very easy and everyone thought it would be really fun, so it came together very organically and very fast."

On new music:
Caruana: "We have no plans. The thought of writing or recording music together hasn’t even entered our minds at all."

On the line-up:
Caruana: "It’s the same line-up as when the band ended, which is the same line-up that reunited four years ago. Which is myself on vocals, Brandon on guitar, Dan Navetta on guitar, Phil on bass and Evan Baken on drums."

On UK shows:
Caruana: "Our plan is to start at Irving Plaza and go from there. There are pieces of land on this planet that we want to bring our gear onto and play on. I don’t think the UK would allow us to reunite and not come visit them. I think the hatred and frustration would implode the whole country, so we’re definitely going to come over there, I think. I mean, I’d like to. Brandon and I are the two biggest Anglophiles in the band, so the two of us definitely want to visit."

Caruana: "Aside from the joy of playing crazy shows to smiling crowds, which is always a great feeling, and making people happy and making ourselves happy, we’re going to travel together. And that’s another thing. I’ve been traveling my ass off. Everyone else in the band has different lives. I think it’s going to be extremely recreational—it’s not just going to be, “Hey, let’s go to the airport.” I’d love to experience traveling together again. Our goals are very simple—let’s go play kick-ass shows and enjoy each other’s company, enjoy the crowd and enjoy the old tunes."

On the final word:
Caruana: "I hope this news makes everyone happy and we’ll try to get to your city as fast as humanly possible, but that may be very slowly. That’s not a grand statement at all. You know what? I wrote something to Brandon last night and I feel that was a grand statement. Let me read it. Okay. This is my grand statement: “We, as friends and lovers of music, have found that we would all like to play shows together again as The Movielife. We bear no news of a new record nor are we planning a six-month world tour. But I’ll tell you one thing: The Movielife is alive.” There. That’s my grand statement."

So that's that then. And if you need reminding of why this band are so special, here's a refresher.

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