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HERIOT Have Dropped A Calloused New Track ‘Dispirit’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 4 May 2021 at 14.21

A perfect balance of tension and force.

are back with another new track and continue to prove why they are such an exciting prospect in the UK metal scene. 

The track is called 'Dispirit' and perfectly balances quivering tension with bludgeoning force whilst also delivering a powerful message. 

Let the band explain:

"With each single we’ve released so far we’ve constantly pushed ourselves, working on exploring new elements to drive our sound and 'Dispirit' is no exception.

Lyrically, the track speaks of how having a highly regarded status can be manipulated and abused, allowing them to appear to live two lives. This is a topic that rings true with all of us, if it's not something you’ve come across personally, it is something you can agree is evident and all around us in some way. Only when the abuser is exposed, do they face justice - “Deceiver, It's too late for cowards truth.”

This song is a call straight to the manipulator."

Get stuck in below:

It follows on from 'Recreant', which sounds like this:

And that follows on from 'Cleansed Existance', which sounds like this:

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