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Here’s How The Maine Got Their Name

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 19 September 2018 at 14.59

We've all wondered.

This isn't the first time this year that The Maine have found themselves at the center of some innocuous scandal. The first, of course, being that in their pursuit of honesty and transparency earlier this year they got themselves banned from Twitter when they input their age as the age of the band (11 years old) triggering an immediate ban because that makes them under the minimum age requirement to be on Twitter.

This scandal may not be as dramatic, but has received wide attention when Mark Hoppus blew this case wide open last week.

Now, the fact that The Maine hail from Arizona is no secret. To this day, their most popular tweet is this simple one from 2015:

But with Mark Hoppus outing them for the world to see, everyone began to wonder... What's with the name? 

Fortunately, the lads in The Maine didn't want to leave us hanging for too long. They've taken to instagram to post the story behind their name, and an accompanying cover from frontman John O'Callaghan. Check out the story below:

"It would be way cooler if we had a grand story about how we got our band name but it was really simple. We needed a name before a show we had booked in a week and we loved a song called 'Coast of Maine' by a band called Ivory so we went with “The Maine”. John covered the song a few years ago. Some of you might not of heard it. Hope you enjoy!!!!"

Check out the post and the full cover below:

So it's all pretty wholesome in the end. Lovely stuff.

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