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Hear Too Close To Touch’s New Song

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 31 January 2018 at 11.10

We explore their trilogy of new music, and the story behind it.

Too Close To Touch have released a new song, 'Burn'.

It completes a trilogy of standalone songs that began with 'Leave You Lonely', and continued with 'Before I Cave In'.

Here, we revisit the whole thing.

1. 'Leave You Lonely'

This was a raw, cathartic opening, exploring the end of a toxic relationship.

2. 'Before I Cave In'

If anything, this was even darker: drawing on feelings of loss, and feeling haunted.

The video reflected that, albeit in a very tongue in cheek way.

"We wanted to push ourselves to try something new and make a light-hearted video that was the opposite," they explained. 

"Sometimes humor + ability to laugh at yourself is the best form of medication."

3. 'Burn'

And here's the final chapter, with a sadder and more thoughtful feel to it.

'Burn'"explores the abrupt absence of someone you care about in life – be it romantic or otherwise," explains frontman Keaton Pierce.

"First comes the initial moment of clarity; realizing you're better off without them. Next comes the relapse; you can't get them out of your head, questioning if you ever had control in the first place."

"Lastly, finding yourself wanting nothing more than to rid your memories of what's left and leave it all behind."

Check it out here:

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