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Hear The Maine’s John O’Callaghan Read A Poem Inspired By Their New Album

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 29 March 2019 at 18.13

This is all kinds of powerful.

The Maine vocalist John O'Callaghan has shared a new poem, 'You Are OK'.

It ties into the theme of their identically titled new album, out now via 8123.

You can hear John read the poem here:

It reads:

You are a million different little things,
You are the sunrise,
You are the fall of the moon,
A little love,
A little anxiety,
A skeleton of bones,
A mess of ideas in your head,
You are not what they say you are,
You are so much more,
You are humility,
You are grace,
You are a surprise,
But never once a disappointment,
You are glitter,
You are gloom,
Fucked up and fragile,
A fraction of a half,
You deserve to feel wanted,
And young and respected,
And wild,
And complex,
And adored,
And so on,
You are a million different little things,
Just like me,
But above all of these little things,
You are the greatest thing you’ll ever know…
You are you,

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