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Hayley Williams Not Engaged

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 2 March 2009 at 21.07

The rock wedding of the year is off already. Well, it was never even on to begin with.

So rumours rang out when gossip sites announced earlier that Paramore singer Hayley Williams and New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert got engaged at the weekend. But then Williams hit her blog pretty quick to dampen speculation:

''I had no idea I was engaged! I'm so happy for myself!'' She posted. ''In case you guys have seen the post floating around the interweb, i just wanted to state for the record that Chad and I are not engaged. Haha i feel so ridiculous posting about this... but hopefully I'm posting enough in advance that most of you haven't even heard all this, yet. ooh lordy.

So, now you've heard it here... the rumors are not true...thank you and goodnight!''

Rock Sound, always the bridesmaid and never the bride.

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