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Hawthorne Heights Talk UK Tour Plans

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 20 June 2008 at 19.19

Hawthorne Heights drummer Eron Bucciarelli has been in touch with Rock Sound to discuss the band's plans to tour the UK now that the group are reconciled with Victory Records and have new album 'Fragile Future' ready to go.

''We want to get to the UK as soon as possible,'' he admitted. ''We could be playing there as early as Fall. Last time it was an incredible set of shows, we gotta get back there to hang out with everybody.''

The drummer also admitted that the band are nervous playing shows without guitarist and friend Casey Calvert who tragically passed away last year after a painfully rare reaction to medication.

''When we played our first show after Casey's death it was really tough walking out onstage,'' he admits. ''I had not been nervous for four years before a show. I am sure there will be more experiences like that and we will have to deal with them as they come. But it is therapeutic.''

'Fragile Future' is out early August.

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