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LISTEN: Grey Daze’s Exceptional & Emotional New Album ‘Amends’

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 26 June 2020 at 13.13


Grey Daze, Chester Bennington's pre-Linkin Park band, have today released their long-awaited new album 'Amends! 

Featuring newly recorded music with Chester's re-mastered vocals from the group’s long out-of-print, and largely undiscovered catalog, 'Amends' is the origin story of one of modern rock’s most recognisable voices and also a full circle moment among friends. 

Drummer Sean Dowdell had this to say about the band and the catalyst for putting the album together:

"We started Grey Daze in 1993, the band ended up breaking up in 1998. Fast forward to 2016, Chester’s on the road and says, ‘I think we should put Grey Daze back together.’ Obviously, what happened, happened and Chester was tragically taken from us. Of course, as soon as he passed, it was like ‘Ph my God, I lost my friend, my friend’s wife is now a widow and my friend’s kids are now fatherless.’ There were all of these emotions. About six or seven months later, I started some conversations and said I really want to finish this album. We’re not going to accept mediocrity, we’re going to do our friend proud, we’re going to make Chester proud and we’re going to make sure this is something he would have been elated to put out.”

You can listen to the record in full below:

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