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Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Produced This Song From An Unknown UK Band And It’s GREAT

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 3 October 2014 at 10.04

Ever heard of Matt Grocott & The Shrives? Us neither, until this morning.

This week, a little known band from Grantham called Matt Grocott & The Shrives released their new single 'Turn Me On'. Why is that significant? Because it features none other than Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong on bass, and his son, Joey Armstrong (Emily's Army) on drums. If you like fast, frentic punk rock, big-ass WOAH-OAHs and y'know, Green Day, you'll probably be into this.

Like it? Click on that arrow button in the top right - you can download it for free. Nada. Zilch. Guwan!

The track was recorded at Oakland's Jingletown Studios in March of this year, and mixed by resident engineer Chris Dugan. It's set to appear on Matt's forthcoming album, and BJ and Joey don't just feature on the single - they're on the whole damn thing. Billie Joe handled producton duties on the album, too!

So, to summarise: decent new band is decent, and Billie Joe's looking well and keeping busy (not to mention killing it in the facial hair game). Happy friday is happy.

Keep up with Matt Grocott & The Shrives over on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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