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Green Day Recorded The Whole Of ‘Dookie’ In One Month, Billie Joe Armstrong Has Shared

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 30 May 2019 at 14.26


The amount of time it took Green Day to record their 1994 album 'Dookie' has been part of rumour and folklore for years. But now Billie Joe Armstrong has revealed just how long Green Day spent in the studio.

For decades it has been accepted fact that Green Day recorded the whole of 'Dookie' in a record three weeks. However on Instagram, Billie Joe answered a fan question about it, and shared that they actually locked the whole album away in the space of one month.

"A month total. We had to remix it with Jerry Finn" he shared.

By the time Green Day hit the studio, they'd already been playing lots of the 'Dookie' numbers live - so most songs only took three or four takes, which explains the super fast turnaround. 

And that's how long it takes to make history.

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