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Green Day Played ‘Dookie’ In Full Last Night, Plus A Whole Additional Set

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 31 October 2019 at 10.45

27 songs! In an intimate venue!

Last week Green Day began teasing that their intimate warm-up show in Madrid, ahead of the MTV EMAs, would be a special occasion. 

While seeing Green Day up close and intimate would already be a big enough deal on its own, Green Day kicked it all up a notch - playing their classic album 'Dookie' in full.

The last time they'd broken out 'Dookie' in full was during their 2013 Reading & Leeds headline set.

Earlier this year (February 04, if we're being precise) 'Dookie' turned 25 years old. Quarter of a century. That's quite the milestone. We all held our breath, waiting for an announcement of a tour where Green Day would play 'Dookie' in its entirety, start to finish. But alas, the announcement never came. 

But that doesn't mean it wasn't on the cards! Just before the end of 2019, Green Day did it - they played 'Dookie' from start to finish.

They also played a whole additional set of 12 songs. What a night!

Check out the full setlist below:

Set One: 'Dookie'

01. 'Burnout'
02. 'Having A Blast'
03. 'Chump' (First time since 2014)
04. 'Longview'
05. 'Welcome To Paradise'
06. 'Pulling Teeth' (First time since 2013)
07. 'Basket Case'
08. 'She'
09. 'Sassafras Roots' (First time since 2013)
10. 'When I Come Around'
11. 'Coming Clean'
12. 'Emenius Sleepus' (First time since 2013)
13. 'In The End' (First time since 2013)
14. 'F.O.D.'
15. 'All By Myself' (First time since 2013)

Set Two

16. 'Minority'
17. 'Bang Bang'
18. 'Revolution Radio
19. 'Father Of All…'
20. 'Holiday'
21. 'Boulevard Of Broken Dreams'
22. 'Brain Stew'
23. 'Paper Lanterns'
24. 'I Was There'
25. 'Know Your Enemy'


26. 'American Idiot'
27. 'Jesus of Suburbia'

Check out some videos from the show last night below:


Green Day are set to release their new album 'Father Of All...' on February 07 through Reprise Records.

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