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Green Day Gave Away 10,000 Free Cups Of Coffee To Queueing Voters On Election Day

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 4 November 2020 at 11.42

Straight from the band's company Oakland Coffee Works.

Half of the experience of voting is queueing up and waiting, which as we all knowing can be incredibly tedious and tiring. 

We also know that coffee is absolutely wonderful and the perfect remedy to the long line blues. 

So with that in mind, yesterday as the polls opened for people to vote in the US election, Green Day were on hand to help people out. 

The band's coffee company Oakland Coffee Works joined forces with World Central Kitchen, an organisation made up of chefs and trucks that provide food at every huge events and natural disasters, to dish out 10,000 cups of free coffee to voters in the Oakland area. 

Isn't that so lovely?

You can check out all of the delicious roasts that the band have put together right HERE, including a special 'Father Of All...' blend. 

Here's 'Oh Yeah!' from that very record:

And if you don't have a copy of the record yet, our mates over at EMP can sort you out. Get this wonderful variant from right HERE


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