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Green Day ‘Dookie’ Tribute Compilation Album Set For Release

James Wilson-Taylor
James Wilson-Taylor 18 January 2019 at 10.09

Asian Man Records are putting it together to celebrate the album's 25th anniversary.

Green Day's iconic album 'Dookie' is set to get a tribute compilation featuring bands currently on Asian Man Records.

Celebrating 25 years since the album's release, the tribute features contributions from bands including Hotbods, Like Roses and Pity Party.

The limited edition vinyl, entitled 'Gilman Street's Ripoff' is due out mid-February and available for preorder here.

Listen to Corrupted Morals' version of 'In The End' here.

Check out the album's full tracklisting below:

1. Hotbods - 'Burnout'
2. Grumpster - 'Having a Blast'
3. Little Debbie And The Crusaders - 'Chump'
4. Unpopular Opinion - 'Longview'
5. Neverlyn - 'Welcome to Paradise'
6. Sarchasm - 'Pulling Teeth'
7. Like Roses - 'Basket Case'
8. Pity Party - 'She'
9. Danger Inc. - 'Sassafras Roots'
10. Gnarboots - 'When I Come Around'
11. Get Married - 'Coming Clean'
12. Deseos Primitivos - 'Emenius Sleepus'
13. Corrupted Morals - 'In The End'
14. Rex Means King - 'FOD'
15. Weeny Witch - 'All By Myself'

Green Day were previously spotted rehearsing the entire album in full. Could an anniversary tour be in the works? Fingers crossed.

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