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Grayscale’s Collin Walsh: “I Definitely Don’t Like The Way Drugs Are Glamourised In So Many Ways”

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 5 August 2019 at 11.49

"I have to find my way to talk about it and bring it to light.” - Collin Walsh

Grayscale are set to release their brand new album 'Nella Vita' on September 06, and it's an intensely personal collection of music. 

Inside the current issue of Rock Sound, we caught up with Grayscale frontman Collin Walsh about the new album, and what's inspired it.

“For me, music and lyrics and poetry, that is my outlet,” Collin shared. “I don’t talk about this stuff - that’s just how I grew up. I didn’t talk about feelings. When it comes to songs, it’s the purest way for me to explain something, the way that I’ve felt. ‘Painkiller Weather’ is a good example. It’s this real story about being in love with someone who is struggling with an addiction, but I put it in this happy- sounding vessel - a poppy, summery rock song. On this record there was so much more that I wanted to say, and sometimes in more explicit ways.”

He later continued, “I definitely don’t like the way drugs are glamourised in so many ways right now. It’s not done in an honest way in so much media and pop culture. People can talk about what they want to talk about, I stay out of people’s business, but this is me telling the story from an honest perspective. That’s just a way for me to cleanse myself of it, explaining this story of a person close to me, because it eats me up thinking about it. I have to find my way to talk about it and bring it to light.”

This is just a taste - check out the full interview with Grayscale frontman Collin Walsh inside this month's issue of Rock Sound. Pick up your copy below:


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