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Glassjaw Release New Single As Pizza

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 11 November 2010 at 22.33

Never heard of this idea before - 'The Glassjaw' seven-inch personal pizza and vinyl is available for an extremely limited time only...

Bravo, chaps. Glassjaw today announced they would be selling a seven-inch pizza and vinyl deal - but you have to be in New York to buy it.

Mario's Pizzeria in Seaford, NY, is selling 'The Glassjaw' for $11.11 on Thursday 11/11/10 at 1.11pm - the deal includes a vinyl record and a pizza.

Rock Sound phoned up Mario's hoping for a super long-distance delivery, but no joy. But if you're in the neighbourhood and get your hands on one email us at [email protected]!

Update: it seems for the deal punters got a seven-inch of 'Star Above My Bed' and - coolest thing - entry to a secret hometown Glassjaw show for everyone who brings the pizza box along.

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