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Heading To Ghostfest This Weekend? You’ll Need Stage Times.

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Rock Sound 26 June 2014 at 10.22

Ghostfest descends on Leeds University this weekend, with Suicide Silence and Memphis May Fire topping the bill. All the stage times you need are right here.


Impericon Stage

Suicide Silence: 10pm - 10.50pm
Bleed From Within: 9pm - 9.30pm
Betraying The Martyrs: 8pm - 8.30pm
Hundredth: 7pm - 7.30pm
Breakdown Of Sanity: 6pm - 6.30pm
Annotations Of An Autopsy: 5pm - 5.30pm
Desolated: 4pm - 4.30pm
Astroid Boys: 3pm - 3.30pm
Black Tongue: 2pm - 2.30pm
Acrania: 1pm - 1.30pm

Skull And Bones Boys Club Stage

Nasty: 9.30pm - 10pm
Palm Reader: 8.30pm - 9pm
Ingested: 7.30pm - 8pm
Azriel: 6.30pm - 7pm
Continents: 5.30pm - 6pm
No Second Chance: 4.30pm - 5pm
Cold Hard Truth: 3.30pm - 4pm
Fathoms: 2.30pm - 3pm
Sentenced: 1.30pm - 2pm
Road To Ghostfest winner: 12.30pm - 1pm


Impericon Stage

Memphis May Fire: 10pm - 10.50pm
Stick To Your Guns: 9pm - 9.30pm
Heart Of A Coward: 8pm - 8.30pm
Being As An OCeah: 7pm - 7.30pm
TRC: 6pm - 6.30pm
Malevolence: 5pm - 5.30pm
Martyr Defiled: 4pm - 4.30pm
Nexilva: 3pm - 3.30pm
Novelists: 2pm - 2.30pm
Early Seasons: 1pm - 1.30pm

Skull And Bones Boys Club Stage

Broken Teeth: 9.30pm - 10pm
Dead Harts: 8.30pm - 9pm
The Catharsis: 7.30pm - 8pm
Pay No Respect: 6.30pm - 7pm
Trial And Error: 5.30pm - 6pm
Black Dogs: 4.30pm - 5pm
Shields: 3.30pm - 4pm
Grader: 2.30pm - 3pm
Lock And Key: 1.30pm - 2pm
Counting Days: 12.30pm - 1pm

Tickets for Ghostfest can still be picked up from They cost £37.50 for the weekend, or £27.50 per day.

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