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Gerard Way: “Why Do I Isolate? I Don’t Know I’ve Always Kind Of Done That…”

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 14 January 2016 at 16.36

This is interesting.

Gerard Way left Twitter earlier this week, but then he returned a couple of days later and opened up about why he sometimes feels the need to isolate himself in a series of tweets.

Read his full thoughts below.

"So leaving Twitter has made me more isolated than I normally am, which is already a lot.

"There's positivity that needs to be spread, good vibes and all that. Maybe it's about finding a better balance. So I've decided to figure out a way to use this website that works for me. That may mean tweeting less, we will see.

"I'm not isolated in some ways, I have my family that makes me feel connected. But in every other way I am very closed off. And that can't be good for a person.

"Not that social media is the best or healthiest way to interact with other humans, but if you close yourself off-sometimes it's all you have.

"Why do I isolate? I don't know I've always kind of done that. Even before having a band I kept to a dark basement, drawing comics. Then, being in a band made that worse, and it got worse the bigger the band got. Always around people, who do you trust?

"People have said a lot of weird things to me over the years. My defense is to seclude myself. On stage, everything makes sense. When I make art it makes sense. Offstage is just...different.

"I'm not in peril. Just opening up about some personal things. There are a lot of personal things I don't talk about, mostly for the best. And this also has nothing to do with negativity. That stuff is minimal and turned into white noise over the years...meaningless

"It's also so minimal that it barely needs mentioning. I think over the last few years we understand each other better."

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