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Gerard Way On Touring With My Chemical Romance: “There Was A Lot Of [World Of] Warcraft Going On”

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 7 September 2017 at 16.13

"[It] was the whole band except for Frank..."

Ever wondered what My Chemical Romance used to do for fun while they were on tour?

Us too. And according to a new interview with Gerard Way, one answer was a lot of World Of Warcraft.

"I was in New Zealand when I finished Issue 6 of [The Umbrella Academy:] Apocalypse Suite. I’d done almost the whole comic and I quit World Of Warcraft in order to [finish it]" he told The Wednesday Club on Twitch channel GeekandSundry.

"It wasn’t just me either, it was the whole band except for Frank [Iero], he wasn’t into it. He tried it once, he didn’t get it. He was the smart one, he didn’t play."

"Everybody else, Bob [Bryar], Ray [Toro], Mikey [Way], myself… I played a lady undead fighter. There was a lot of Warcraft going on."

"You get to like an arena, and the first order of business… internet. [Bob] would do whatever it took. Sometimes we had wires going from the other end of an arena, all the way to where we were, so he could plug a router in."

"We got another band addicted to it, a band called Thrice. Dustin [Kensrue, frontman] I remember, he was levelling up one night, andhe had to run and put his in-ears in, and go onstage and throw a guitar on and start playing a live show. He was still clicking, and he had to run…"

It was part of a showcase for Young Animal, the DC Comics imprint that Gerard oversees. Check out a clip below (courtesy of Meg on Twitter), and GeekandSundry subscribers can watch the whole thing here.

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