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Frank Turner Exclusive ‘Oh Brother’ Performance And Interview

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 15 April 2013 at 16.58

Another glimpse of 'Tape Deck Heart' courtesy of Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls live!

Watch the clip below to see Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls perform 'Oh Brother' live at The Church Studios in Crouch End.

The song is taken from Frank's brand new album 'Tape Deck Heart', out in the UK on April 22!

Frank, it's new album time, do the nerves ever get easier when it comes to releasing new music?
Says the singer: "It's always a slightly nerve-wracking time. There's something quite isolated about making a record; the circle of me, the band and the producer work our arses off on the sound, but you can quite often come out the other side wondering if what you did is actually any good. I don't wander round convinced of my own greatness, so yeah there's a concern there. I suppose as I get older I care a little less what people think about what I do, but there's still a pretty strong seam of concern there, haha."

The songs on 'Tape Deck Heart' feel very candid, did you have some stark realisations or moments of clarity in the lead up to writing this record?
"I suppose that's one way of putting it. I wanted to make a record that was very raw and personal, not least because that seemed like the counterintuitive thing to do right now - I think at this level of success, or whatever, a lot of people withdraw, get protective, genericise a little and often lose something in the process. I wanted to write something really exposed, cutting. It also helps that I was going through a reasonably difficult time in my personal life, and my music is, as always, a form of catharsis among other things."

What are you savouring every moment of and what are you taking for granted at present?
"I'm trying to savour every moment of having a music career that's still (as far as I can tell) on the up slope after five albums. That's unusual, and I hope my luck holds for a little while longer. I probably take a bunch of stuff for granted but if I think about it and identify it I'll get all paranoid about how I shouldn't take it for granted, so I should probably let that sleeping dog lie."

How do you set goals after the last two years of your creative life? How ridiculously high is your aim these days?
"I think the best way of putting it is to say I'm curious as I proceed. I like to push at the doors in front of me to see if they're open; if they are, let's go! If not, well, let's find other doors. That's a complicated way of saying that I'm curious to see how far all this could go, but I'm not a burning jealous ball of ambition or anything. Who knows?"

Frank is on the road this week supporting the release of 'Tape Deck Heart' as he knows best. The dates are as follows:

17 - MANCHESTER Academy
18 - GLASGOW Academy
19 - LEEDS University
21 - BRISTOL Academy
24 - BIRMINGHAM Academy
25 - LONDON Forum

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