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Frank Iero On Playing Guitar For Thursday: “I Now Have Such A Newfound Appreciation For The Band”

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 10 February 2021 at 15.13

"The greatest thing about Thursday is that everyone is just fantastic at what they do."

In the latest issue of Rock Sound, we chatted to the one and only Frank Iero about his brand new EP 'Heaven Is A Place, This Is A Place' with the Future Violents

Though we couldn't fit absolutely everything we spoke about in the magazine, and Frank had a LOT to say. 

If you didn't know, Frank stood in on guitar for Thursday's Tom Keely at the end of the last year during their series of special livestreams. So we took the opportunity to ask him how it felt playing with a band who influenced and inspired him so much in the early days of his career...

"It’s funny, knowing them for as long as I’ve known them and essentially growing up together, same labels and same touring and loving their band, I now have such a newfound appreciation for the band and the songs that they wrote. Because now I’m learning these songs and what’s being played and who is playing off of what. Some of these songs are just so, so good. And also, not to single anybody out, but as far as players they are all phenomenal musicians, there’s not a slouch in the band. That’s the greatest thing about Thursday is that everyone is just fantastic at what they do.

I love playing Tom’s parts. He has these little moments of pure genius, it’s just so fucking cool, getting to sit with him on a Zoom call and go, 'what the fuck are you doing here?'. It’s him making magic happen and me trying to figure out how to recreate that and do these songs justice. Everybody in that band is phenomenal. I always knew going to see them that this is a fucking great band and a tight band but now actually getting to play with them and the intensity of it, it just blows my mind. It's a dream come true."

He also commented on how working with Geoff in this way after he produced the band's debut album 'I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love' at the start of My Chemical Romance's career felt like a real full circle moment...

"I was talking about ‘Sewer Wolf’ recently and I said how the middle part is very like Shudder To Think. And I remembered the first time I heard Shudder To Think was in Geoff’s car, driving up to record the My Chem record. He was always this guy that would play us music that he was into and that I’ve never heard of. He was always great to bounce ideas off of. The other day we were texting and we were talking about films and stuff - he is just one of those people who really has his finger on the pulse of art. Did you know he’s also really into scents and perfumes? The last time we toured together, every day he had these vials and was mixing. And he always smells awesome, it's crazy. One day he came out and I went, 'you just smell like roses, what the fuck is going on? I know you didn’t shower but you still smell like roses'."


And here's 'Sewerwolf':

You can read the full interview with Frank in the new issue of Rock Sound, which is available worldwide from SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV

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