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Frank Iero On Alternative Music: “Please Don’t Be Afraid To Be Weird, To Be Yourself”

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 10 December 2019 at 18.17

Time to shake things up.

Frank Iero is the winner of The Real Alternative in the 2019 Rock Sound Awards! Grab Frank Iero’s exclusive magazine cover to see his brand new photoshoot, and read how and WHY he does things so differently - it's available worldwide at AWARDS.ROCKSOUND.TV

Part of Frank winning The Real Alternative Award is due to his absolute lack of fear of being unapologetically himself - check out a snippet of his exclusive cover feature below:

When it comes to the sink or swim approach you took on ‘Barriers’, and putting yourself out there in a way that felt uncomfortable at times – is that something you’d like to see more of in alternative music? Because as much as we use the term a lot, a lot of ‘alternative music’ doesn’t feel much like… well, an alternative to anything these days...
Says Frank: "As a fan of music and as a creator, things that are different, things that are dangerous, things that are off the beaten path... Those are the things I look for, and that catch my eye, you know? I think it ends up being a cliché all too often. We see these formulas that work at one time, people follow them, and then everyone ends up doing the same thing. And it all sounds the same. But I like bands who are taking chances, who are going out there and creating from the heart, and not necessarily doing things that people expect to hear or see.

"I think that we fall into this cycle of, ‘Oh, no one’s selling records anymore’. And then labels getting really scared, and that in turn scaring bands into doing the same thing because they know that it’s working. They see it working for someone, so now everything has to be like that. And then people get bored with that thing, because now everything sounds the fucking same! It’s this cycle of fear-based playing it safe, nobody taking chances... blah blah blah. And then we end up with a thousand hair bands, or boy bands… it’s the same thing, just in different tights. And that becomes disheartening to me as an artist and as a fan of music. But you know, a good song is a good song. If you’re really feeling it from the heart and it makes your soul good, I think you should chase it, regardless of what anyone thinks or says. It’s like… please don’t be afraid to be weird, to be yourself. That’s true in music, in art, and also in just being a human being. The world needs that kind of stuff. It needs out of the box thinkers. We have so much of everyone else, the only thing we need is you, and you’re the only one that can give it to us.”

Do you enjoy swimming against the tide to some degree?
“Being a parent, you get to see this inherent weirdness that everyone has, before they learn to be scared of it or held back from it. Before they get told, ‘Hey, all the cool kids are doing this thing, you should like this and do it too’. That’s like, it’s the best to see that, and you hope that it lasts forever. Their personalities form at such a young age, and it’s just them - it doesn’t even have anything to do with the parent. It’s an innate individuality, and I love that. I think we need to nurture that more, because it’s what makes us so unique and different from each other.”

This is just a taste! Pick up Frank Iero's Rock Sound Awards magazine below to read his full interview, and see his full new photoshoot:

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