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Frank Iero Has Spoken About His Earliest Inspirations And Swimming Against The Tide

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 22 December 2019 at 14.00

“I would be the kid who’d go into school listening to the blues”.

Frank Iero is the winner of The Real Alternative in the 2019 Rock Sound Awards! Grab Frank Iero’s exclusive magazine cover to see his brand new photoshoot, and read how and WHY he does things so differently - it's available worldwide at AWARDS.ROCKSOUND.TV

Frank is obviously a musical inspiration to many - but in his cover feature, he talks about the artists that inspired him musically, early on in life.

In your formative years as a fan of music, not just a musician, were a lot of your influences people who were a little bit out of step, and did things on their own terms?
Says Frank: “Listening to the things that my father loved throughout the years, I gravitated to people like Richie Havens, these songwriters who were a little bit to the side. Richie was such an amazing storyteller, and in my opinion, an incredible teacher when it comes to song. I would be the kid who’d go into school listening to the blues, and I’d be going to see BB King at the weekend, or Robert Cray, someone like that. And my friends would be like, ‘Who?’ Nobody knew who those dudes were! And I’d be like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m really loving this Muddy Waters record’. No one knew who they were, so I’d sound like a total fucking weirdo, at 12! Chilling and listening to Howling Wolf, that’s fucking crazy. But that shit inspired me, man, it spoke to me on a level. And eventually in a roundabout way it was how I found out about punk rock and things of that nature, because the blues was the punk rock of its time. It was other people in basements making music on a very limited budget, and I searched that out. I came to find out that it was kids like me, and that became very inspiring. Now, I can win awards in major rock magazines and drop names of these bands! Going to the VFW halls and watching Humble Beginnings, The Youth Ahead, bands like that. All these bands that no one reading this even fucking knows about, but they’re the best bands ever!”

This is just a taste! Pick up Frank Iero's Rock Sound Awards magazine below to read his full interview, and see his full new photoshoot:

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