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Frank Carter On Gallows: “The Media Needed Me To Be More Than Just The Singer Of A Punk Band”

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 11 March 2019 at 14.33

The former frontman has spoken up about having to be the leader of a new movement.

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Speaking with us about 'Orchestra Of Wolves' and the era around it, frontman Frank Carter shared what it was like to be the leader of a movement.

“I think there were a lot of us around at the time trying to do things differently, whether that was us or people like The Horrors, Kate Nash doing things differently, even Arctic Monkeys, who’d just put their first record out and were exploding," Frank shared. "I was just one of them, I didn’t see myself as the leader of a movement, but I do believe I was the creative leader of that band, alongside Lags. His vision was unparalleled musically, he knew exactly where we should be and what we needed to sound like. And I knew exactly where we should be lyrically, and what should be on our fucking T-shirts."

He continued "The media needed me to be more than just the singer of a punk band, and that put me in a position that I certainly wasn’t comfortable with. Luckily for me, I am now!  So they did a lot for me, without me realising. I fought against it for a long time, I fought against being that guy, being the rock star and all that stuff, I didn’t think it was me and actively tried to push back against it. But without that happening at the time, I’m not sure I would still be here now, you know?”

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