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Four Year Strong: ‘We Were Hardly Even Speaking To Each Other For A Time’

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 20 October 2011 at 17.23

FYS fess up to the problems the plagued the band in the new issue of Rock Sound.

In Rock Sound Issue 154 Four Year Strong singer Dan O'Connor admits that the band were close to burning as they travelled down the road that led to new album 'In Some Way, Shape, Or Form'.

As they promoted 'Enemy Of The World' things for the band were, frankly, bleak.

"We were hardly even speaking to each other for a time," he admits. "Touring had burned us out, so whenever we had taken care of band business we would go home and not talk to each other at all unless their was an emergency. The only reason I'd call anyone else in the band was if the world was going to explode or something, things were not exactly awesome between us on a personal level."

And then things got even worse...

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