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For You The Moon Have Released A Tear-Stained New Track

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 4 March 2021 at 11.53


For You The Moon
are back with their first new music of 2021, and it's a total heartbreaker.

'Talk' is the sort of song that lingers in the ear with jangling guitars, building tension and aching emotion and paints an all too familiar and heartwrenching picture of love falling apart.

Vocalist Isaac Cooter had this to say about what he wanted the track to do:

“Talk” gets straight to the point. The opening lyrics completely encapsulate that painful time post-relationship where you’re watching your life with someone disintegrate in front of you. It’s set in those painful few weeks before you’ve completely let them go and you’re both still talking to each other every day, almost to help ease the pain.

I wanted to write a more intimate song that felt like a conversation, dealing with those withdrawal-like symptoms of losing someone but underpinned by the knowledge that it’s better if you both go your separate ways. Sometimes it’s hard to see, or even believe, that at first. And as much as “Talk” is filled with those throwaway lines that you tell yourself to help you get through it, it acknowledges all those feelings of doubt, wondering whether you’ve done the right thing and if you’ll even get through this without that person.” 

Find yourself in it below:

It follows on with 'Lost Without It', which sounds like this:

We chatted to Isaac last year around the track's release. You can read the full piece HERE, but here's a snippet:

Where did the band really begin for you?
“Basically it was one of those things where we were all coming away from different projects for various reasons and we were all just floating about and not really know what we were doing. We all went to university together so that’s where we all knew each other from and Tim [Bassist] would also record the stuff that me and Mike [Drums] did with our old band. Tim was in a band with Jordan [Guitarist] as well, so it almost came together like two and two slapped together. We had been part of the same scene already so we all just started jamming together.”

What was it that really brought you together then?
“We all just loved the same music. Even though all of our influences are very different, the core ones are all the same. You have bands like The Dangerous Summer and Bring Me The Horizon and Stand Atlantic and You Me At Six. We all just loved all stuff and it became really important for us to make our music sound like that. That’s how we all learned to play our instruments. Even though it was hard graft to actually get it to where we are now, it was also quite natural. Though these days I also listen to a lot of pop music as well and I feel as though that side of things is like the extra bit of sauce on top of the band.”

How about your emotional input? On the surface, this feels like quite the romantic band. Where did that need for love-based expression come from? Is it something you felt like you couldn’t explore with your other bands?
“The thing I find about songwriting is that it’s always a challenge. You don’t just figure out how to write a song and say, ‘Oh now I know how to write good songs’. I think everything happens by accident. So if there’s something that I’m feeling or if there’s something that I’m going through in a relationship, it will just come out. Especially when it comes to things like love and heartbreak, they are both so close to the surface. I feel like whenever I try and write a song about anything else, it just makes its way in there. I don’t think it was even that deliberate for us to be honest with this band. I guess it’s just the way that I’ve grown up and been more romantic than others. It’s just that stage in your life though, isn’t it? Your first few relationships, everything feels like it’s on another level.”

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