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Blitz Kids, LostAlone, Enter Shikari & More Team Up For Charity Football Song

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 11 June 2014 at 16.17

Ever wondered what would happen if recording supremo Dan Weller and LostAlone frontman Stephen Battelle teamed up to record a charity World Cup single with Enter Shikari, Kids in Glass Houses, Skindred, Marmozets and LOADS of others?

Wonder no more! Go on, watch the video a couple of times. We'll wait...

And yep, as well as Twin Atlantic, Baby Godzilla, Don BrocoBlitz KidsHundred ReasonsItchVersesNativesThe FirstFearless Vampire KillersBeastsRob LynchOnly Rivals and A Loss For Words - you DID see Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo in there, your eyes aren't deceiving you.

All done? Good, now here's the important bit:  #FootballUnitedtheWorld will be available on iTunes from June 16, and proceeds from sales of the song will go to the Street Child World Cup. A worthy cause indeed, but don't take our word for it. We'll let organiser Dan Weller explain all:

“There are few events that unite the World like the World Cup, it’s a time that everyone can forget their differences and unite through celebration and competition.  Many rock bands I work with are passionate about football, and this is a great opportunity to come together and raise some money for a very important cause.”

Head over to for more info and get donating.

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