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Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist Talks Lost Weekend

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 3 October 2009 at 20.31

Zoltan Bathory tells Rock Sound what happened when he disappeared. It's not quite as crazy as you think...

Recently Rock Sound caught up with Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory to talk about the band's new album 'War Is The Answer'.

Soon after the original interview Zoltan went missing after a hometown show in Vegas. Emails were sent, Myspace bulletins posted and the media alerted that the guitarist had disappeared. A couple of days later he turned up undamaged and unaware of the fuss he had caused.

We got back in touch with Mr Bathory to find out just what went on...a well-orchestrated media hoax? Or just another night out in Vegas?

So what happened to you then, people reckon it was a PR stunt, was it?
"For a PR stunt I could think of a million better things than 'woohoo rock musician gets shitfaced in Vegas and disappears for few days'. I would definitely prefer to go with the 'let's shoot a cow with a bazooka' feature that we are still trying to hook up with Rock Sound. Now THAT would get some serious Youtube spins."

How did it go down, where did you go and when did you realize people were worried about you?
"I'm not going to say the party did not get out of hand a little bit, but for fucks sake I felt like celebrating our new record coming out finally and my cell phone ended up taking a dip in a swimming pool somewhere so I was off the grid for a couple of days. It was a raw weekend, and a lot of stupid stuff fits in 48 hours in Vegas. When I called my manager he was like – fuck dude half of the country is looking for you. I thought it was just a figure of speech, apparently it wasn’t - it was bizarre."

How annoyed/relived were the band when you returned?
"I was way more annoyed than anyone else. I mean I'm the guy who runs most of the band affairs, so I'm technically the mini-manager inside the camp, keeping things organized, communicating with, label, management, merch company, lawyers so I work around the clock...I’m the ‘responsible’ one. People are creatures of habit, so they aren't used to the Zoltan who's not answering his phone for 6-8 hours especially in pre-tour crunch time, but fuuuuck, it went to Defcon 5 way too fast and became a damn circus. Now I will have to answer this question for the next two years. What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas."

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