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Fit For A King Have Released A Dramatic Video For The Title Track Of Their New Album

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 18 September 2020 at 18.05

We'll find the path out of hell.

Fit For A King
have just dropped their utterly devestating new album via Solid State. You should stop what you're doing and listen to it front to back. 

But before you do that, you should watch the video that the band have just dropped for the title track. 

Aside from being an absolute anthem, 'The Path' also serves as a statement of intent from the band that they aren't going to let anything get in their way, both in life and in the band. 

It's an inspiring watch and it's waiting for you to listen to below:

And whilst you're here, you may as well watch the video for 'Locked (Inside My Head)':

We recently spoke to vocalist Ryan Kirby about the band's evolution from album to album. You can read the full feature right HERE but here's what he had to say about 'The Path':

“So with ‘The Path’ I wanted to write an album that was encouraging people to find their own path. A lot of people face that exact same dilemma as me where they’re at their jobs and will say, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore’. A lot of people don’t look for their path away from that because it takes a lot to find it. With that in mind, I want this to be a motivational record. I want to motivate people to find their own path out of hell. A lot of people are in an emotional rut right now. This album is about actively seeking out your route to feeling better and finding those things that will make you happier. It’s a call to action.

“You need to know your identity and know yourself before anything else. That’s why I want the title track to be people’s pump up soundtrack. I want people to hear that song and be inspired to find themselves and find their own path out of whatever hell they are in, be that depression or anxiety or that job you hate or a toxic relationship. I want it to be the song that motives you to do exactly what you want to do.

"I honestly think that I’m a better people because of this band. In the past I wasn't reflecting the life I was writing about in my lyrics within my actual life. I’ve made myself a better person by aknowleding the parts of my life now where I’m not living up to where I should be. If you persevere and you’re honest with yourself and write honest music, things can happen. So our message right now is basically to keep going.”

You can also pick up a copy of the record from our mates over at Impericon from right HERE


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