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Far Frontman Talks About Chi Cheng

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 11 January 2010 at 18.59

Far frontman Jonah Matranga has told Rock Sound about Deftones bassist Chi Cheng and the band's new album 'At Night We Live'.

Far frontman Jonah Matranga has told Rock Sound about the band's new album 'At Night We Live'.

The title track of the record was inspired by a visit to see Deftones bassist Chi Cheng, who has been in hospital since a car crash in late 2008.

"The night after I had been to visit Chi in hospital I quite literally had a dream that I was hanging out with him," Matranga told Rock Sound recently. "In the dream I was sitting with him but I remember the look of his eyes and how different they were, in hospital his eyes were open but he was non-responsive as far as I could tell. The song's lyrics start ‘I dreamt that you were alive / I dreamt of your eyes / They weren’t just open / They were engaged / And somebody said, or maybe I read / In the daytime we’re dead / But at night we live’."

"That song is about Chi and about that dream. Being around Chi he’s both gone and still here, it just begs a lot of questions about where existence is, about keeping someone alive while letting them go."

The singer also had the following update for fans and well wishers:

"The truth is it is incredibly hard to say what is happening with Chi," the singer admitted heavily. "I can safely say he is miracle territory, if he were to be playing a show next year that would solidly be in the category of miracle. Now inbetween that, ever becoming conscious as we understand, that is also pretty solidly in the category of miracle but as I speak there could be some kind of major change in his state. I do know that they are taking wonderful care of him, he has family and friends around him and I think for everyone it is something of a mystery just what will happen next. There is not much solid to say except that he is still alive and he seems to be doing better."

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