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Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump: “This Is My Real Solo Record, Writing Music For Films, TV, And Stuff”

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 19 September 2018 at 16.19

Patrick Stump's list of achievements grows ever longer.

Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump is a talented man. A very talented man.

Sure, we know him best as the singer with the soul voice and founding member of Fall Out Boy, but there's so much more to him. 

He's making quite the name for himself as a score composer for the big screen, and his latest venture is another step up.

It's just been revealed that Patrick is composing the film score for upcoming drama thriller 'Spell'- the first feature film from the film arm of Fall Out Boy's management company CRUSH. But if you think the reason he scored the gig is because of his relationship with CRUSH, you're mistaken. Speaking with Billboard, Patrick revealed "They said they were looking for a composer for a movie and I just go, 'Yeah, I’m a composer.' It was this right-under-their-noses thing -- “Oh yeah! Weird, you are I guess!”

The director of the film is Brendan Walter, whose work you're definitely already familiar with- he's the mastermind behind Fall Out Boy's 'Irresistible' video, and Panic! At The Disco's 'High Hopes' (he's the one who got Brendon Urie literally walking up the side of that building in Downtown Los Angeles).

Patrick shared how different the process is for writing Fall Out Boy music compared to scoring a film: "I’ve been making pop music for 17 years; this is drilled into you. In this film, a melody is sometimes a hindrance for the emotions and storytelling. So I was trying to find ways to really underplay it, be more minimalist. It kind of goes against my nature. There are one or two Icelandic pop songs in it, but all the other music you hear in the film is me."

He also shared that people shouldn't hold their breath waiting for a follow up to his 2011 solo album 'Soul Punk', revealing "I sing in Spell and I sing a little bit in Changeland, so I kind of get it out in those contexts. I have Fall Out Boy and I’m really proud of Soul Punk for what it was. I’ve said stuff like this before and I mean it- I don’t ever want to ruin something just for the fun of doing it. I wouldn’t put out another solo record unless I had something I really, really needed to say. Whereas film, they need the music. So there’s that need you fill. It’s really rewarding to help someone tell their story."

And what's in store for Patrick once this leg of the MANIA Tour wraps early next month? "I’ll be excited to go home, see my kids and stuff. Professionally, the scoring thing is becoming, in a lot of ways… I did the solo thing, and I loved making that record. But now as a composer, I’m like, “Oh, this is my solo record.” This is my real solo record, writing music for films, TV, and stuff." 

Lovely stuff.

The premiere for 'Spell' is happening at the Los Angeles Film Festival, this coming Sunday, September 23.

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