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Fall Out Boy’s ‘Evening Out With Your Girlfriend’ Is Now Available On Streaming Services

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 3 November 2021 at 12.49

An important gem in the FOB story.

Back on March 25 2003, Fall Out Boy released a mini-album titled 'Evening Out With Your Girlfriend', a collection of very early tracks that showed off the band's potential whilst also them having lots and lots of fun writing pop-punk tracks.

It also arrived mere months before the release of their full proper debut album 'Take This To Your Grave', and we all know what happened then.

But 'Evening Out...' remains a vital part of the band's story, and it has just been put on streaming services for the first time.

Yeah, seriously. 

Look, here it is:

Celebrations are in order then.

And what better way than with some footage of the band from around its release.

Here's 'Calm Before The Storm' live in Buffalo:


And if you want to go even earlier, here they are at one of their first-ever shows in 2002:

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