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Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump Is Composing The Score For An Alice In Wonderland Film

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 19 July 2018 at 09.57

Sugar, we're goin' down the rabbit hole.

Patrick Stump is truly a multi-talented man. Not only is he the dulcet-toned voice behind Fall Out Boy, a multi-instrumentalist, and producer (not forgetting he played all the instruments on AND produced his solo album 'Soul Punk')- he's also a composer. 

It has been announced that Patrick is scoring a modern film adaptation of Alice In Wonderland, with the film going in to production next month. 

Following his composer credits in Gnome Alone and the forthcoming Changeland, this will be his third film score. 

Speaking to Entertainment Weeky, Patrick has reflected on the difference between scoring a film and writing Fall Out Boy songs, saying “When you’re doing a score, it’s kind of like acting, really, because you have to get in the head of a character, whereas with Fall Out Boy, if I’m writing a song, I’m going to have to get on stage every night and sing that. It’s really for me. Writing a song is more — not selfish, but you’re focused on what you would want, whereas in a film you’re just focused on telling the story.”

The modern adaptation of Lewis Carrol's Alice In Wonderland being directed by Jessica Sherif, and is set in Hollywood dealing with themes of the struggle of women in the entertainment industry. 

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