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Fall Out Boy Have Announced That The ‘Lake Effect Kid’ EP Is Being Released Tonight

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 22 August 2018 at 20.19

We barely have time to prepare!

Finally, some hard facts!

Fall Out Boy have announced that the teased 'Lake Effect Kid' EP is being released tonight at midnight Eastern Time. That's 5am in London.

In the announcement posted to instagram, the band shared "Forever a lake effect kid. New EP dropping tonight at midnight ET to celebrate our biggest homecoming yet".

For the uninitiated, 'Lake Effect Kid' is a demo, released by Fall Out Boy in 2008 through Pete's label Decaycance as a part of the band's 'CitizensFOB Mixtape: Welcome To The New Administration'. The release of the mixtape in 2008 was part of a viral marketing campaign, designed to build hype for the band's album 'Folie À Deux'.

It's a fan favourite, and has only ever existed in demo-form, and on YouTube. So the thought of an official, modern, professionally recorded and release version of 'Lake Effect Kid' is pretty bloody exciting.

Speaking about the content of the 2018 version of 'Lake Effect Kid', Fall Out Boy frontman Pete Wentz has confirmed that it will (obviously) include a full, studio version of the 'Lake Effect Kid' demo. But most excitingly, he also confirmed that the EP will include a "semi-new song" and a "really new song".

Check out the annoucement video below:

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